Our mission is to create a challenging and rewarding environment in which you can discover what's really most important to you in your life. We hold high regard for the truth of business and are committed to our clients’ achieving complete clarity and vision for their future while accomplishing outstanding measurable results in their professional and personal lives.

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Why "Pura Vida" with your Coaching?

Unique Circular Design

Pura Vida Coaching focuses on your specific needs in order to achieve "Pura Vida" in all aspects of your business and person life. We support you every step of the way to bring you the quality of life and caliber of business you've always dreamed of. We believe that success comes from finding passion and balance in all aspects of life – business, personal, financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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Professional Design

Wikipedia has the following translation which exemplifies the context by which the PuraVida Coaching Team operates:

Pura Vida (POO-rah VEE-dah), used by Costa Ricans since 1956, literally translated means “Pure Life.” Contextually, it means “Full of Life” “Purified life”, “This is living!,” “Going great!” It is used as a greeting, a farewell, and to express satisfaction.

Costa Ricans use the phrase to express something akin to a philosophy of...enjoying life deliberately and celebrating good fortune of magnitudes small and large alike.

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Who supports you? Who are your advisors and mentors? Who can you count on to lean on for yourself?

This is where coaching fills a big need. When you have a coach, you have a committed ally, someone who is in your corner from week to week and is rooting for your success. How supportive do you think that feels? In addition, the coach can help you to see your “blind spots” and move past them.

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Why is comprehensive personal and business coaching so critical?

EVERY top performing athlete in the country has a coach. Virtually EVERY business leader in the Fortune 500 has at least one coach. Why is this?

  • You're Always 'On Stage': Whether you are an executive/business owner or in sales, to succeed you always need to be “on,” as you are the face of your business to the public. If you are an experienced business executive or seasoned sales person, you know this to be true. Your level of confidence needs to be continually high in order to attract clients.
  • Distractions are virtually everywhere: You are aware of how easy it is to get distracted. There are always multiple demands on your time. Many business owners come to me complaining that they are feeling scattered and they want my help to get focused and stay focused.
  • Acquiring New Customers in Today's Economy Requires getting 'Back to Basics': Prospecting is a big part of your work, and unless you are a natural extrovert, it takes a lot to pick up the phone and start calling people. Many business owners, when they first come to the PuraVida Team for coaching, are even afraid to call up their former clients or their sphere of influence.
  • Rock Solid Mindset creates the foundation for success: With the changing market, mindset has become more important than ever. A negative view of today’s current market conditions will lower your confidence significantly, reducing your sales and overall income. Now more than ever, small business owners need coaches to help them see the opportunities in every market.
  • Time to Recovery must be quick: Everyone (even the pros, CEOs and professional athletes) all get off track. If you are a seasoned business owner, you know how easy it is to fall into a slump or “hit the wall.” When you hit the wall, it’s somewhat like being in quicksand. Try as you might, you can’t pull yourself out without the assist of a seasoned Coach to quickly get you back on track.
  • Do you have highly experienced mentors advising you? Last but not least, there is the issue of support. As an owner of your own business, think of how many people you support on a daily basis. You are the support for all members of your team, of your clients, all of your former clients, all of your prospects and a family, and if you have kids, you are their support as well.