Our mission is to create a challenging and rewarding environment in which you can discover what's really most important to you in your life. We hold high regard for the truth of business and are committed to our clients’ achieving complete clarity and vision for their future while accomplishing outstanding measurable results in their professional and personal lives.

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I have been coaching with Stephanie and Pura Vida Coaching for 10 months. It was the best decision I could have made. Stephanie has helped me and my team grow our business by giving us systems and strategies to use that were used by her and her team when they were top producers in St. Louis. Being able to model Stephanie’s business plan and having her hold me accountable every week has allowed me to grow my business faster than I ever thought possible. When you hire Stephanie you are not only getting a coach, but a business partner that will help you to succeed at the very highest level. July 2013

Michael Nettemeyer
The Nett Group-Realty Executives
Office (314) 756-9100


Thanks in no small part to your guidance we are making serious progress and I couldn’t be more excited for what the new year has in store for us. I’m truly grateful to have you in our corner!~December 10, 2012

All Best,
Chris Cecere w The Donny Coram Group

Synergy Real Estate Group


I received so much excellent information from the previous (referring to our Friday webinars) call conducted by Kevin & you!  I couldn’t wait for today’s Call!  I’ve only been on the one Call; however, that Call was so impressive.  The information was extremely valuable; and, the delivery by Kevin and you was superb.  You both play off of one another well; and, know how to ‘tag team’ making the Call and Content even more valuable!

I received so much excellent information from the Call conducted by Kevin & you that I was able to immediately infuse into my Business.  That one call alone was the impetus to getting me to move from working “in the business” to “on my business”!

Thanks for coming from abundance and offering these Calls.  I am blocking my Calendar for all future Calls whenever I receive notice. Thanks again, ~ November 30, 2012

Karen J. Prinster

Broker-Real Estate Agent (Liscensed in Missouri & Illinois)

Keller Williams Realty

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Stephanie has created an atmosphere in which each individual agent, as a business person,  should set a standard for one’s self.  She has taught and encouraged me to recognize that as a professional Realtor; my expertise and knowledge is valuable, respecting my time and effort is valuable and it is ok to have the expectation, that a client should respect those things about me.  I highly encourage any realtor who may be thinking about personal coaching or group coaching, to consider Stephanie Combs and her Pura Vida Coaching services. It is an opportunity worthy of thoughtful consideration.  Mary Walls St. Louis


There is always a time in our lives where we need a boost, a pat on our back, a wake up call or a close reliable person we can turn for solid advice Stephanie Combs has been this important person for me.   The approach taken is a life value approach. The coaching techniques can transform not only in the workplace but in personal life. She challenges your thinking, your settled lifestyle and takes you to the next level. It is rare I write a testimonial but in this case I did not have to give it a thought.  Stephanie thank you for following your passion. Leonmarie Benner St. Louis


 As a member of the leadership team, I’ve been able to work closely with Kevin and Stephanie as they created a top-performing real estate office. Their never ending passion for building agent’s businesses while ensuring a phenomenal culture and work environment was second to none.  Not a week goes by when agents don’t lament that they want to work in a real estate office with Kevin and Stephanie as leaders, training and coaches again.  I echo this sentiment – please come back to Florida and open another real estate office.”Melissa Handal, Keller Williams Realty – Market Center Administrator


I feel so lucky to have been chosen to be part of The Cottrell Realty Group. This is not a job, it is a career, a way of life, and it continues to change me everyday. I love being a part of this team there’s nothing better than figuring out the successes in this business together. CONFIDENCE, and KNOWLEDGE!! From Lead Generation to Systems and Tools, this is how it is done, I could not put a price on what I continue to learn everyday, Kevin and Stephanie thank you for changing my life. Don Hauser, Selling Partner


The Cottrell Realty Group is a top-notch, professional real estate team.  The desire to raise the bar for the Real Estate profession is the underlying force that permeates every aspect of CRG.  Using innovative marketing techniques and modern and efficient technologies to further enhance the speed at which we do business.  Add that to strong business practices that include agent business development opportunities push us all to higher levels both personally and professionally.  But The Cottrell Realty Group is more than just Real Estate.  It is the people behind the business, Kevin Cottrell and Stephanie Combs.  Their desire to share the chance to “have an awesome life” is the force behind the machine.  The generous way in which they give each day is truly remarkable.  I have learned so much about Real Estate working with them daily.  But more than that, I have learned about myself and how to grow beyond what I thought were limitations.  For that, I am deeply grateful. Julie James, Selling Partner


I was searching for a positive change and did I ever find it with the Kelsey Cottrell Realty Group!  The leadership to date has been nothing short of inspiring and energetic.  Stephanie and Kevin are profoundly dedicated to empowering everyone they reach out to enabling them to be the best with updated market information, support systems, top notch coaching and cutting edge technology.  Their energy, patience and genuine concern for clients and team members is evident every day.  Sharing their experience and insight is second nature as they strive daily to insure the team is prepared to succeed in any market condition. They truly do lead by example.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this dynamic team and I look forward to the growth and opportunities that are destined to come.Carol Witte. Operations Manager.


I have been fortunate to work with Kevin and Stephanie for nearly 3 years now. With 14+ years of real estate experience, prior to our affiliation, I can honestly say that I have had some of my most “tremendous” growth over the last couple years, while working with The Kelsey Cottrell Realty Group. Their dedication and conviction to run the organization with 100% efficiency, provide their clients over the top, WOW service, and their belief in the whole “team” concept”, have made this business relationship one that I am thankful for, elated about, and extremely proud to be a part of.  Janet Vinci – Listing Marketing Manager


I am excited to be a part of the Kelsey Cottrell Realty team.  The coaching, scripts, accountability, training, and positive mindset have given me the opportunity to take my business to the next level while continuing to manage all other aspects of my life.  I feel like I am capable of achieving all my goals without giving up what is important to me.   - Michelle Graack


When I decided to go into Pura Vida coaching with Stephanie, my life and my business made a positive change. I had just joined RE/MAX Results from a small boutique firm, and was left spinning. I knew how to sell real estate, but not manage the business side of the industry.  I had become a well recognized agent since getting my license on 2007, but for the last couple years my sales and income had plateaued. I was tired, overworked, unable to do much more with what I had and felt like I was consistently reinventing the wheel. My career was no longer fueling my life, rather my life was fueling my career.

I met Stephanie shortly after my switch to RE/MAX where she was group coaching, and I liked her style. She seemed to have all the right answers, her scripting sounded so natural and her enthusiasm was genuine. As a young agent, I had carved out my success by hanging out with more experienced agents than myself, but Steph was on a whole other level. I decided to try coaching for just 3 months, and after just one coaching session with Steph I realized I had truly never understood my numbers.

In the last 9 months of coaching I have reduced my work load and doubled my income. In fact, my sales are only about a half million ahead of last year. That may not sound so fabulous, until you take into account that I am twice as wealthy! Not only that, but I am consistently in the top 10 at  a company of 200 agents.

Stephanie has taught me how to implement systems, provide better customer service, convert to a listing focused business model and command more money for my services.

So much of this business bleeds into your personal life, and Steph can coach you through that too. She has helped me feed my soul, nourish my body, keep a positive attitude and fold my long time partner into my business. My boyfriend Phillip and I are now a successful team, and it hasn’t been that bumpy of a ride. Amazing!

I am actually writing this testamonial from a 12 day vacation with Phil, and we are both able to enjoy the time because the business is running smoothly. I had been so afraid to take time off due to frantic phone calls, until Steph taught me the power of setting expectations. I think that a top agent being able to take a peaceful retreat without business/financial ruin speaks volumes. I can’t think of anything more I can say about Pura Vida that can paint a more perfect picture of what the experience is all about than that.  30 year old agent living the dream!

*Leigh Maibes * Real Estate Pro*, RE/MAX Results*

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